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Editing & Advice:

All content for the website was edited by Shane Strachan based on an original document collated and edited by Beth Dynowski and Louise Parkinson. With thanks to the following creatives for providing input for the Advice sections: Hayley Durward (Dance), Sara Stroud (Film), Simon Gall (Music), Cameron Mowat (Drama) and Sue Fairburn (Design), along with Beth Dynowski (Visual Arts) and Rachel Thibbotumunuwe (Photography) of Creative Learning.


Thanks also to the interviewees: Iain Maloney, Steven Martin, Natalie Tough, David Rankine, Clara Bloomfield, Nicci Thompson, Tim Courtney, Chris Robb, Rahul Ravindran, Best Girl Athlete (Katie Buchan), Alicia Bruce, Kieran Dodds, Caitlin Hynes and Sally Moir.

Content & Design:

The wider content was collected at Creative Learning’s Artistic Pathways summits throughout 2015 with contributions from: Luciana Blaha, Rhona McLuskie (RGU), Mark Bremner (Aberdeen City Council), John Cairns (Aberdeen City Council), Sally Sweet (Aberdeen City Council), Jessica Shaw, Stewart Aitken (AB+ / Aberdeen International Youth Festival), Sally Moir (SMART), Allan Watson (RGU), Rachel Grant, Laura Reilly, Sara Ainslie (Peacock Visual Arts), Hilary Nicol, Caroline Gaudsen, Peter McRae, Matt Searles (NESCOL), Rae Fisher, Nicola Kettlewood (Belmont Filmhouse),Katherine Groo (Aberdeen University), Sara Stroud (NESCOL / SHMU), Simon Gall (SHMU), Nicole Gildea (Creative Learning Team), Libby Curtis (RGU), Iain Gildea (Peacock Visual Arts Digi Lab), Hayley Durward (City- moves), Wayne Price (Aberdeen University), Helen Lynch (Aberdeen University), Laura Lam, Kelly Shankland (Creative Learning Team), Dorothy Carnegie (NESCOL), Jacky Hardacre (Creative Learning, ACC), Lisa Mathieson (APA), Paula Gibson (ACT), Michelle Bruce, Claire Pendleton, Allan MacIntyre (YACNE / APA), Amber Clarkson (Transition Extreme), Jane Geddes (Aberdeen University), Mandy Clarke (Creative Learning Team), Barry Donaldson (Aberdeen City Council), Jacky Hardacre (Creative Learning Team), Jon Price, Fergus O’Connor (Belmont Filmhouse), Cameron Mowat, Callum Kellie, Sally Thomson (GHAT), Sharon Pollock (Aberdeen Grammar), Sophie McCulloch and Scott Neish.

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Photography Credits:

Home/About/Acknowledgements pages: Look and Learn’s STACK Collective (Creative Learning / SMART); taken by Grant Anderson

Acknowledgements banner: Creative Learning’s Doric Gruffalo project; taken by Rachel Thibbotumunuwe

Contact banner: Catherine Wheels performing at Creative Learning’s Arts Across Learning Festival

Creative Writing banner: Mintlaw Academy pupils taking part in an Inspiration Point celebratory weekend workshop (Creative Learning)

Dance banner: Bring it Boys at Citymoves Spring Show, taken by Sid Scott/seeimaginedefine

Drama banner: APA Senior Youth Theatre

Film banner: Young Film Programmers at Belmont Filmhouse; taken by Fergus Connor

Music banner: Coastline at the Aberdeen International Youth Festival; taken by Graeme MacDonald

Visual Arts & Design banner: Fabric of the Land (SMART); taken by Nicole Gildea (Creative Learning)

All other credits can be found in the captions below images.

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